Sneaking away from your day job to answer calls for your Start-up? Try this instead.

We’ve all been there. You spent all night working on your website, debating feature requirements with your partners, and finally it’s all up and running. The one thing you forgot: What to do when a customer actually calls.

Like most entrepreneurs with day jobs, you find yourself sneaking away to a stairwell … or an empty office … or to your car … to take the call. Instead of sounding confident & excited on the phone with your potential new customer, you speak in a hurried whisper as you run to the nearest empty room with a door.

This is one of the parts of bringing a new business to life that is hard to balance. With any new idea, you need to test it first to see if it’s worth putting any time into. There’s a reason you have the day job in the first place: It’s paying the bills. But how do you get your idea big enough to leave the day job, while also showing up for work? Often, the timezone of your job & your new business are the same.

Instead of answering the phone yourself, you might consider using a service like It is an outsourced phone service geared toward helping start-ups start & grow their business. For about as much as you spend on designing your first website, you can add on a scalable phone service that will help with both inbound & outbound calls. They offer Pay-per-call solutions if you’re really just trying to test an idea. And from there you can scale into monthly service agreements with a limited number of calls, all the way up to full-service call center operations as you grow toward your IPO.

No more sneaky calls in cars or scheduling every customer call for lunchtime.

Try as an alternative. Speak with confidence to your customers.

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